dinsdag 15 mei 2007



Tuesday 19 June, 2007 18h00, ECOC

Scotland House – 6, Rond - Point Schuman, 1040 Brussels – Eighth Floor

Stephanie Clark has co ordinated the Adult AD/HD support group in the English speaking international community of Brussels for nearly 10 years.

This workshop draws on that experience and is aimed at those affected by adult AD/HD: adults, their families and their employers.

The workshop will take a very brief look at the neurobiological nature of AD/HD, the associated deficits in executive functions and how that impacts adult life focusing especially on the work environment.

About 4% of the workforce exhibits AD/HD symptoms great enough to impair work performance.

The degree of those symptoms exhibited varies and affects adults across the range of abilities: some adults are successful but may experience severe and stressful deficits in areas such as organisation- others will need extensive support to hold a job.

We will consider:

  • Strategies employees can use to cope with ADHD in the workplace and other support available to them.
  • Should an employee disclose their AD/HD?
  • Strategies and accommodations employers/Human Resources can use to support individual AD/HDers.
  • Good practice models for employment and recruitment of people with disabilities, specifically AD/HD

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