donderdag 28 augustus 2008

AD/HD Conference , Sari Solden, Steve Chinn, Cordula Neuhaus and Dr Ellen Littman October 8th

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Recognizing & Reaching Children with Learning Difficulties, AD/HD and Related Conditions across Languages and Cultures

Brussels, Belgium, 8 October, 2008
MAI Conference Centre,
40 Rue Washington, 1050 Brussels

Funded by King Baudouin Foundation
Sponsored by: ADHD Belgium and ECOC


08h45 – Registration
09h30 – Welcome and Introductions;
Machteld van Ostaede President ADHD-Belgium
Chalks Corriette (President ECOC)

09h35 – Hyperactive Behaviour in Children and Teenagers;

Cordula Neuhaus

10h30 – Break
11h00 – Hyperactive Behaviour in Children and Teenagers;

Cordula Neuhaus

12h00 – Lunch

12h45 – Removing Barriers to Learning Maths: Building Empathy and Understanding of the Learner;

Steve Chinn

14h45 – Break

15h10 – Understanding and Recognizing Girls, Teens, and Women with ADHD. Consequences of
Undiagnosed AD/HD in females;
Presented by psychotherapist and author Sari Solden who will be joined by her special
guest, psychologist and author Ellen Littman Ph.D. Solden and Littman are two of the
top experts in recognizing and effectively helping girls, teens, and women with ADHD

17h00 – Close & opportunity to purchase

Information about the Presenters

CORDULA NEUHAUS is a renowned German Child Psychologist and Pediatrician who specializes in hyperactive behaviour in children with AD/HD. She trains teachers and parents in how best to reach children with behavioural problems and is a leader in behavioural therapy techniques. She is also the author of numerous books in German about AD/HD, is a charismatic speaker at events throughout Europe and the USA and has been involved in setting up an
educational center in Esslingen, Germany attached to the clinic for children that she founded and where she continues to work. In this unique center, children and adolescents who have AD/HD are supervised by teachers while they complete homework, are given exam preparation or remedial help so that they can keep up with their studies. She lectures widely to teachers, special education specialists and caregivers throughout Germany and Europe.

STEVE CHINN taught for 40 years in mainstream schools, in Further Education and in Special Education. He was head of three special schools for dyslexic students. Steve founded and
ran Mark College, a school for Dyslexic boys, for 19 years. This school received several awards, including the Department of Education’s “Highly Effective School” certificate and Beacon School status, the ISA’s “Award for Excellence” and a National Training Award. Steve has written several books based on his classroom research, including“The Trouble with Maths: A Practical Guide to Helping Learners with Numeracy Difficulties
which won the NASEN/TES “Book for Learning and Teaching” award in 2004 and Sum Hope
. Steve runs training courses for teachers across the UK
and has lectured on learning difficulties in maths in over 20 countries worldwide. Steve was Chair of the 3rd International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association and was cofounder and then Chair of the Council for the Registration of Schools Teaching
Dyslexics (CReSTeD).

SARI SOLDEN is a psychotherapist in privatepractice in Ann Arbor, MI who has worked with
adults with AD/HD for 20 years. She is the author of Women with Attention Deficit Disorder: Embracing Disorganisation at Home and in the Workplace andJourneys Through Addulthood: Discover a New Sense of Identity and Meaning with Attention Deficit Disorderwhich is forboth men and women as well as mental health professionals. Solden trains professionals on counseling adults with AD/HD, is a prominent speaker at both national and international AD/HD conferences, and is a frequent contributor to publications on this subject. She serves on the professional advisory board of ADDA (National
AttentionDeficitDisorder Association)and has served on the program conference committee for national
CHADD. (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder). Her specializations include inattentive AD/HD, gender issues affecting women and girls with ADD, especially those who are not diagnosed, and the long term counseling issues for adults not diagnosed until adulthood.

DR. ELLEN B. LITTMAN is a clinical psychologist licensed in New York State. Involved
with the spectrum of attentional disorders for 20 years, she focuses on a high IQ ADHD population, and specializes in women’s and girl’s issues. She is widely published and author of Understanding Girls with Ad/Hd, lectures frequently, provides in-service training to professionals, has taught at the Pace University Graduate School of Teacher Education, and will be a presenter at the American Psychological Association Annual Conference this summer.


• Regular Prices: e80 for non-members and e60 for members of ECOC or ADHD Family Resources.
• Early Registration Prices: e60 for non-members and e40 for members of ECOC or ADHD Family
Resources if registered before September 15. Refreshments and cold lunch packs are included in
the price.

To reserve your place, please pay the required amount into our bank account and complete the attached Registration Form, listing all names of those covered by your registration.
Receipts will be ready for collection at the event. All places must be paid for prior to attending the event as this will ensure that the registration process on the day will be smooth. Should you have any questions, please contact
Joanne (; 0494.177403) or Chalks

Bank Account:
310-1238787-86 -IBAN: BE78-310-1238787-86

Information booths from Centrum Zitstil (Flemish), TDA/H Belgique (French), Patienten Rat und Treff (German), ADHD
Family Resources Brussels, Adult Anglophone ADHD Support, the Belgian-based branch of ADHS Deutschland (German) and Dyslexia International (DITT), AANDACHT (Flemish adult
support group), where information and advice will be available throughout the day to conference participants.
Books in each of the languages of Belgium on these topics
will also be on sale.

Simultaneous translation from English to French and Dutch Certificate of participation will be provided,
Student price available on request

dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

ADHD Resources- Support Group Topic Notes


Two fantastic talks by Kevin Colyer covering some workplace issues
Communication in the Workplace for People with ADHD

Handling conflict at Work

ADHD- a social construct - a look at some criticisms of the status of ADHD as a disorder

Non Genetic factors proposed to contribute to the development of ADHD

ADHD:Life and Work Impact
For Employers and Employees

ADHD and Failure at the Point of Perfomance

We know what to do, we want to get it done, but we don't do it. Why not?

Action Slips, Lapses and mistakes

A friend of mine once stopped at a garage outside Brussels on the way to visit his parents at Ypres. When he got there , his parents asked where his wife and dog were?
This article is for him..

Concentration for People with ADHD

Time Management
Notes from a talk by Maureen


Books we like about ADHD

A list, plus ordering link to Amazon.

Our Favourite Quotes

ADHD and the point of perfomance

Next Meeting :Wednesday September 24th 8pm

ADHD and the Point of Perfomance

Russell Barkley said:

AD/HD does not interfere with knowledge. It is not a skill deficit. It is not a learning disability. AD/HD disrupts the performance of knowledge, not the knowledge itself.

Why is that important? It’s important for this reason: You do not do skill training to help people with AD/HD. Stop treating them as if they’re stupid. Stop treating them as if they don’t know anything. “Oh, you can’t sit still? I’ll teach you. Oh you can’t do time management? I’ll teach you. Oh, you don’t have any friends? We’ll do social skills training. Listen to how we approach this disorder. We view it as a deficit and I can correct it by teaching you the right things to do.”

Is he right? Why can we read so much about time management or organisation-and not use that knowledge?

Can we change? How?

We’ll look at motivation, habits, techniques and visualisation.