vrijdag 2 januari 2015

Apps to block internet distractions


  The following Site blockers  can make sites you specify as timewasters such as Facebook, 2048 or Gmail   unavailable for a chosen period of time.

Antisocial  http://anti-social.cc/ costs 15 dollars.
Antisociaand Freedom: 20 dollars

 Self Control http://selfcontrolapp.com/ cost:  free. Downloaded this last week, and so far – working well for me.

 Rescue time Rescue time lite: free. Premium: 14 dollars:  does not block sites, but gives a daily read out of how you spend computer time: online and offline. I found it useful in the past.

  Something different:  Traxion, an organisational mobile app for people with ADHD in beta development.

We can sign up for information on the development of the app, it’s not clear if this includes an invitation to take part in free beta testing of the app.

Finally also mentioned last meeting  the  No zero sum days approach to getting things done,  an alternative to the  the over use of targets and goals which  ’ when you approach life as a sequence of milestones to be achieved, you exist “in a state of near-continuous failure”.