vrijdag 30 mei 2008

ADHD and absenteism

Here is a press release on the influence of adhd on absenteism in the workplace in 10 countries.

In belgium the researchers estimated the days lost by adhd workers (3.7% of Belgian workforce) as 16.5 days compared to the norm.

They noted the cost effectiveness of disability accomadations for employees.

post on adhd in the workplace here

maandag 19 mei 2008

Diane Zaccheo tonight

ADHD Family Resources and ECOC

Dianne Zaccheo, MSW FTC

Expert on AD/HD & Co-Existing Conditions

Founder of the Coaching Centre London

May 19, 2008


Room 107, 1st Floor, International Community Centre (ICC)

International School of Brussels (ISB)

Kattenberg 19

1170 Brussels (Watermael-Boitsfort)

ADHD: Current Facts and Real Solutions

In a continuation of Dianne’s very successful workshop on February 27, 2008, she will now bring the participants up-to-date on current thinking about AD/HD and give practical solutions to alleviate the affect of AD/HD on sufferers, parents, siblings, teachers, tutors, teaching assistants, learning support staff, etc. At the end of the evening, those present will go away with a clearer understanding of how this condition affects learning and behaviour in children, adolescents and adults. They will feel more confident in their role having learned some practical solutions and effective strategies to help manage these problems better.

Registration: 18:30 Refreshments will be available before the event!

Contact: Joanne Norris coaching@chello.be (0494/17 74 03), Carolyn Pennisi pennisi@skynet.be (02/675/63 18) or Marie Doyle (ecoc@gmail.com ).


Entrance Fee: 15 Euros/10 Euros for ECOC members


vrijdag 9 mei 2008

Next meeting is on May 14th

Alan Huyton from human resources to the cabinet will lead a session on planning and time management

Final meeting before the holidays-Wednesday June 11th

Kevin will follow up his excellent talk on Communication in the workplace for people with ADHD( click for link to Kevin’s notes on that )with a talk on resolving conflicts at work .

Family group Meeting

The family group and ecoc have a meeting on May 19th when renowned UK coach Dianne Zaccheo will follow up her February workshop .

Some Other News

-Survey Here is a link to a survey intended for people with bipolar disorder; I know some of you have contacts here, so perhaps you will be able to pass it on.

-Petition On Tuesday, Zit stil together with ADHD Belgium presented the petition on cost of medication to the vice premier and minister of health Mme Onkelinkx, she was responsive and interested and accepted the petition from us, so we are waiting to hear about that.

-Members favourite books Here is a link to the book mentioned by Ann at the last meeting on ‘simplifying your life’, currently only available in French, Ann says ‘Not directly linked to ADHD but full of small hints to make your life easier.’

the art of simplicity


Our ADHD group bank account was frozen last week under the 1993 Prevention of terrorism act

Hopefully, the problem is now sorted-