zaterdag 12 mei 2007

Launch of AD/HD Belgium

Launch of AD/HD Belgium and Family Education Day

02 June 2007 -- 09:30 - 17:00

ULB, Salle Dupréel, Campus Solbosch (Institut de sociologie), Building S, Avenue Jeanne - 44, 1050 Brussels.

Family Education Day with information and presentations in Flemish, French, English and German.

Topics will cover four important areas of concern for families who live with AD/HD and/or related conditions:

• Symptoms / Diagnosis / Treatment of ADHD

• Behavioural therapy - insights for managing ADHD at home

• Managing behavioural problems using limits and rewards

• Providing balance and a positive environment

Free Registration. Books about AD/HD and related conditions for sale in each of the different languages. Refreshments & lunch available.

Further details: Donnalea Barber (, Joanne Norris ( or Stephanie Clark (

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