vrijdag 11 mei 2007

Notes on Managing ADHD in the extended family

Notes on managing ADHD in an extended family, garnered from this week.(reprinted from August 2005)

1/When playing boardgames like: Puerto Rico or Amon Re-Don't allow siblings to sit together, or, more crucially, parent and child if both have ADHD and either one is under 30.
2/Don't try to adjudicate in subsequent arguments. If there are cries of 'Mum's licking me'-Don't try and sort out who started it. The back history alone will be longer then a history of Flemings and Walloons. Just announce firmly that the next troublemaker will go to bed.
3/ Take a parrot to the playground with you. It might seem like overload but is distraction. Other park users will queue for audience with parrot, not to complain about your descendents.

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