zondag 26 augustus 2007

Declaration on children with 'Dys'abilities before European parliament

Dear friends from "dys" organisations in Europe!

This is to inform you that Members of the European Parliament have drafted WRITTEN DECLARATION 64/2007 on "dys"crimination and social exclusion affecting children with " dys"abilities.

It can be found in all EU languages on the European parliament website:


What is WD 64/2007 asking for?

To draw up a charter for "dys" children,

To encourage the recognition of "dys"-type problems as a handicap,

To promote best practices regarding:

making information accessible,

taking timely steps to spot, screen, systematically diagnose and treat these disorders at an early stage,

designing effective pedagogical structures within both the ordinary and the specialist educational environment for young children, adolescents and young adults,

adapting structures for integrating young people with these disabilities into the world of work,

to promote and encourage the creation of a European multidisciplinary network on specific learning difficulties, and by this means to collect and study information and promote the coordination of cross-border actions, as well as institutional dialogue.


It is requested that half+1 Member (393 members) sign the WD, in order to get this text approved as a resolution. See rule: http://www.europarl.europa.eu/activities/expert/writtenDecl.do?language=EN

Contact your national representative in the European Parliament and ask them to sign WD 64/2007

!!! DEADLINE: 25 October 2007!!!


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