zondag 30 september 2007

Because to err is human, and we are more human than most

Subjects for upcoming meetings

24th October. Error Slips and Mistakes

‘His mind wanders, but we don’t worry, it’s too weak to get far.’ Reader’s digest

Because to err is human, and we are more human than most I thought Error Slips would be a great topic for the group.

Some Background

Mistakes tend to involve planning errors or insufficient knowledge

Error slips, by contrast, arise when we make an unintended deviation from a good plan and occur, usually, when we are in ‘automatic mode’

Some types of Error Slips


Plan: Get up, make coffee.Result: Pour orange juice in coffee.

A description error slip, probably because the orange juice has much in common with milk (appearance of carton, used at breakfast)

Plan: Take family to Pirates of Caribbean. Result:Take road to office.

A’ capture’ slip, your drive to the cinema was ‘captured’ by an automatic drive to office routine.

Plan: Forgotten:Result:Why am I in this room? What am I looking for? ‘Loss of activation’ slip when you lose track of what you’re trying to do.

Objectives: To identify out errors, see if we can work out circumstances of occurrence and a plan to reduce them

I’ll send more info before the meeting

WebLink : Why we make mistakes

December 5th. Talk by Coach Joanne Norris. Subject to be announced.

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