woensdag 24 oktober 2007

Statement and Petition from Zit Stil about the cost of medication in Belgium

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For many people with ADHD medication is an important part of their treatment and that’s the reason the cost may not be an obstacle. Those medications momentarily available on the market have a different … The survey the centre recently organised shows that a third needs or chooses medication that is not refundable. From the point of view of those in need of this medication, it is irresponsible that there can’t be a free choice.

We get protests from adolescents (18+) and adults with ADHD who are devastated that they are left in the cold. Exactly at the moment that they start college or at the beginning of their professional career, they have to pay the full price for the medication they need to perform their best.

Minister Demotte could have instigated in the refunding protocol the necessity of multidisciplinary diagnosis. This has not happened. As an advocacy group for all people with ADHD, we expect that access to meication is enabled primarily by the diagnosis. Medical budgets that have to be balanced, need to be controlled at the start of the process (diagnosis) and not at the end (the refunding of needed medication)

Of course it is necessary that a thorough ADHD diagnoses is done by professionals. ‘Ordinary’ paediatrics, who have specialised in the diagnosis ADHD, are not considered for the application of the refunding of medication. This contributes to the waiting lists. Even the subsidised centres have waiting lists up to 9 months. These long waiting lists need to disappear.

The GP has a special place in the treatment and guidance of the ADHD family. He/she follows up the child and the family it lives in. Education and training about this disorder is absolutely needed.

Though it is suggested that a pharmacological treatment is only a part of a bigger treatment plan and that other measures are advised (psychological, educational, social…) nothing is put in writing up to this moment. Also the financial support is a big question mark.

The centre ZitStil ‘knowledge and expertise’ defends the interests of all people suffering from ADHD and their environment. The centre offers information, support, training and help and needs to be sufficiently financially supported to do so.

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All necessary ADHD medication needs to be refunded
  • Adolescents and adults also have to get their medication refunded
  • A diagnosis of ADHD needs to be done by a team of specialists
  • Psychological, educational, social treatment with ADHD also needs financial support

The centre ZitStil ‘knowledge and expertise’ defends the interests of all people with ADHD and their environment and needs to be sufficiently financed to do so.

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