woensdag 9 april 2008


Reminder: next meeting adult ADHD group 16th April 8pm.

Topic Procrastination.

If you want to prepare , there are two options-

  • Practical

1/Choose a task you have been putting off

2/Do it or make a start, (which ever is appropriate).

3/Analyse the outcome -Do you know what may have contributed to success or failure in meeting your task objective?

  • Or some Suggested Reading(click on web links)-

The problem of Procrastination (good introduction) or ADHD adults and Fear: Why we procrastinate. (Eccentric but I liked the author’s insight)

Strategies or adults with ADHD (Practical, 5 easy steps guide)

Some news-

  • Adult Anglophone ADHD Support Belgium is finally, legal!

Di and I opened a bank account for the group this week and signed our articles- at the next meeting we need to set a date for the AGM

  • Finally, Our group were among the official founder members of ADHD –Europe, signing the articles in Charleroi last weekend

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