vrijdag 28 november 2008

Time Management

Talk notes by Maureen based on
The secrets of those who have more time then others by John Ellis

How many of you need more time? Does anyone wish that they have more time in their daily lives to get everything done? Today our worst enemy is lack of time, especially in urban and industrialised societies. We experience the urgency of things in our rapidly changing environment and mobile workplace. Modern gadgets have allowed us to communicate more rapidly and improved social connections. It is, therefore, important to organise our lives in a practical way in order to react rapidly to important decisions which affect our lives. Time does not change but the use of time varies from individual to individual. The first priority is to have a positive attitude towards time and see it as our friend. Create an inspirational and passionate vision. And spend at least 50% of our time on these activities Instead of drowning in an ocean of information, we must become selective in using this information and take as little time as possible in finding information.

I would like to share with you the "Secrets of those who have more time than others."

I will tell you about time and life-management; setting priorities and objectives, planning and time-management at work How to fulfil a number of objectives in a limited time.

Time Management:

The first thing is attitude - make a friend of time – it is not your enemy.

1. Consider your objectives as non-negotiable goals

2. Fix a deadline to realise your objectives

3. Be realistic and foresee unforeseen events

4. Be aware of your work style

5. Know your environment or workplace

6. Plan

Evaluate precisely the time required to carry out a given task taking into account unforeseen circumstances and delays.

Setting Priorities and Objectives:

Classify your tasks into four groups and make a list of the most important:

1. Important and Urgent

2. Less Important but Urgent

3. Less Urgent but Important

4. Less Urgent and Less Important

How can we create more Time?

By eliminating time thieves:

- TV and Radio

- Telephone

- Waiting in queues

- Traffic-jams

- Avoid excess

- Managements of e-mails

Create FAQs, brief replies use the telephone, block spasm,


Time Management at Work:

Work faster

1. Do not accept more than you can manage

2. Organise your documents

3. Move

4. Sleep sufficiently

5. Use tools which help you to gain time

6. Eat a light breakfast

7. Delegate: cleaning, shopping, cooking, repairs, gardening, preparation , writing, creation of a website,


I have spoken to you about time and life-management; managing your life; setting priorities and objectives; planning and time-management at work Time management is not difficult to learn. The first priority is to manage our attitude towards time, to see it as a friend and organise our lives to be effective at each moment.

I hope these tools will help you to manage your time and enjoy more free time


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