vrijdag 8 april 2011

Maintaining Relationships with ADHD

Here are the dates of the last two meetings before the summer:

Wednesday 11th May: Maintaining Relationships
a member of the group wrote:
'I remember being rather socially inept at school. Though I mostly had some friends. I think that I'm different with people to how most people seem to be with people. I'm not good at maintaining social links. Well, maybe that's not absolutely true. I have had periods of my life where things were going well, where I've been much more social, and have been better in keeping links with people. Periods where things aren't going well, or, where I've lost energy , I don't maintain links. I find it difficult reconnecting with people that I haven't seen for a long time. is that an ADHD trait or not?'
(reproduced with permission)
more details to come

Wednesday 13th June: Topic to be announced

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In that way you will make them feel that they are not different and they are not alone. It is a great way to make them happy and feel comfortable.