dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

ADHD and the point of perfomance

Next Meeting :Wednesday September 24th 8pm

ADHD and the Point of Perfomance

Russell Barkley said:

AD/HD does not interfere with knowledge. It is not a skill deficit. It is not a learning disability. AD/HD disrupts the performance of knowledge, not the knowledge itself.

Why is that important? It’s important for this reason: You do not do skill training to help people with AD/HD. Stop treating them as if they’re stupid. Stop treating them as if they don’t know anything. “Oh, you can’t sit still? I’ll teach you. Oh you can’t do time management? I’ll teach you. Oh, you don’t have any friends? We’ll do social skills training. Listen to how we approach this disorder. We view it as a deficit and I can correct it by teaching you the right things to do.”

Is he right? Why can we read so much about time management or organisation-and not use that knowledge?

Can we change? How?

We’ll look at motivation, habits, techniques and visualisation.

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