dinsdag 19 augustus 2008

ADHD Resources- Support Group Topic Notes


Two fantastic talks by Kevin Colyer covering some workplace issues
Communication in the Workplace for People with ADHD

Handling conflict at Work

ADHD- a social construct - a look at some criticisms of the status of ADHD as a disorder

Non Genetic factors proposed to contribute to the development of ADHD

ADHD:Life and Work Impact
For Employers and Employees

ADHD and Failure at the Point of Perfomance

We know what to do, we want to get it done, but we don't do it. Why not?

Action Slips, Lapses and mistakes

A friend of mine once stopped at a garage outside Brussels on the way to visit his parents at Ypres. When he got there , his parents asked where his wife and dog were?
This article is for him..

Concentration for People with ADHD

Time Management
Notes from a talk by Maureen


Books we like about ADHD

A list, plus ordering link to Amazon.

Our Favourite Quotes

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